Home Finds at Walmart for under $20

Home Finds.png

I feel like everyone thinks of Wal-Mart as cheap. Cheap in a bad way, like tacky and lack of style. While they are “affordable” (see how I didn’t use the word cheap there), I feel like Wal-Mart has some great options nowadays. They’ve come a long ways and they also a lot more online compared to what they have in the stores. They also sell others products online, so you may see new and exciting items online that you wouldn’t see in the store. But, here are my adorable finds that I would love to add to my wish list from Wal-Mart. Oh AND they’re all under $20!

Blanket|$13 & multiple colors 
Bronze Metal Cage Light|$19.92 
Sweater Pillow|$10.50

Metallic Throw|$10

Striped Blanket|$14.93
Home Pillow|$11.84

Galvanized Bin|$7.47
Metal Pantry Sign|$16.99

Hello Mat|$19.99
Tassel Throw Blanket|$20
Cast Iron Hooks|$10.99

Faux Fur Stool|$19.99
Pom Pom Blanket|$19.97
Gold & Marble Lamp|$10.48


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