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Why We Will Always Keep Our Kids With Us In Service at Church

Teens leave the church in jaw-dropping numbers. Why is this?

Children in the modern church are segregated, pushed aside and entertained. 

The church doesn’t give kids a role in the church. They don’t give them a place in the church. They push them out, which is exactly the opposite of what Jesus did to the children in the bible.

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So, what can we do to fix this?

Children need to learn how to worship, how to pray and how to take communion by example. They need godly parents to show them how to do these things. How else would kids know how to do these things unless they are being taught?

Kids today don’t know how to be a part of the big service. They are shoo’ed off to their children’s church. But, the problem is that when they turn 18 and come back to the big church they feel like they don’t fit in.We need to start using our kids in church. Why can’t a child pray for someone? We can start building these gifts that God has placed inside them and help them step out in confidence and use their giftings. God used kids all the time in the bible. and He used them mightily. Historians think that David was 12 to 16 years old when he killed Goliath. Josiah was named King at the age of 8. Mary was thought to be 12-14 years old when she had Jesus.

Parents don’t feel equipped to teach their children about God. They want to leave that to the church. But, honestly one hour out of the WHOLE WEEK isn’t enough for your child. Learn alongside your child. Research information. Join a small group. Get resources to help you disciple your children. The biggest thing is to live out your Christianity. Day by day, hour by hour. Pray with your kids. Listen to worship music during the day. Read the bible with your children. Disciple them.

We keep our 9 month old in service with us. It is definitely not always easy or fun, but it will set a level of normalcy for her. It teaches her there is a time to be quiet and respectful. It will teach her how to worship, how to pray, how to serve and how to praise by watching us.

I know, this isn’t easy (or even fun, for you or your kids), but I’m learning that most of the time the thing that is right, isn’t always the easy choice.

Divided is a documentary about finding out why youth are abandoning their faith. Watch Divided for free!

I don’t want anyone to feel condemned from this, I want to encourage and challenge you to take your kids future into your own hands and say, “what is best for them and for our family?”  Also, I don’t want to talk bad on any church. I just want us to look at things and say is this “normal” right? Is this what Jesus wants from his church?

5 thoughts on “Why We Will Always Keep Our Kids With Us In Service at Church”

  1. This is really good. I 100% agree. We need more family church not adult church or children’s church etc. there are certainly outside things to make teaching age appropriate. Thank you for choosing to be a part of the solution.


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