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Best Books To Read While Expecting


I had my first baby 8 months ago, I cannot believe she will be turning 1 so soon.

I am a researcher and learner. I love reading books that I can learn from and gain knowledge. I actually prefer to read these kinds of books compared to the fiction books that have been sitting on my nightstand for the last year.

The more fear you have, the more tension you have. The more tension you have, the more pain you will fear. It’s a viscous cycle. I think the more you know about birth, the less fear you will have. On the flipside, I do have a friend who worries and the more she reads the more afraid she becomes. Ultimately, you have to do what’s best for you, whether that is researching or just staying out of it!

Baby Wise

While I was pregnant, it was actually the second or third time I read this. It was suggested to me while I was a nanny for a family. It’s such a great book that talks about routine, nursing, sleep habits and a bunch of other really good stuff. I am a big advocate of a “schedule”. Now my ACTUAL day normally doesn’t end up looking anything like the fore-mentioned schedule, but we try. It does help bring a bit of regularity to her day (and to her grandma’s) that I think makes life a little easier on everyone.

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding

If you are wanting to breastfeed your baby, I recommend this book. It’s really great on giving all the basics of breastfeeding, labor and delivery. Now what I’ve learned is everyone has their opinions and you have to figure out what is going to work for you as a mom. This book was very against hospitals and epidurals. I had Alexa in a hospital with a midwife, was induced but with no epidural. For me, this was my balance. I had to trust that it was in God’s hands.

Your Best Birth

I thought this book was good… but why I listed it was because the documentary (The Business of Being Born) is on Netflix and it’s incredible! I cried many times (I’m sure that had NOTHING to do with the pregnancy hormones) watching those mommas give birth. Now be warned, these are videoed births where nothing is covered and it’s all out in the open! Now, this one again is very pro-natural, home birth. It actually kind of scared me because they talked about how pitocin is the devil drug and I ended up being induced with it. So, please take the good and leave the bad from this one.

The Birth Partner Handbook

This one is great read for dads, moms, friends, really whoever is going to be in that supportive role with you during delivery.

Redeeming Childbirth

This one was FANTASTIC. My favorite birth book, hands down! She really changed my viewpoint on birth and it’s what really made me what to do a non-medicated birth. She talks about how our views on childbirth are based so much on fear and how we go through pain and trials to make us stronger.

Heading Home with Your Newborn

This had a lot of great information in it. It covered basically everything there is to a brand new baby. I remember learning a lot. If you haven’t been around new babies a whole lot in your life, I would highly recommend this book.

That’s it! What were some of your favorites?

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