15 Things You Can Compost & Why You Should Compost…


I’m new to composting but I have a super cute composting bin, it’s free and good for the environment, so why not!

15 things you can compost: 

  • Vegetable/Fruit peels, seeds, scraps & cores
  • Crushed egg shells
  • Tea bags
  • Coffee grounds (& the filters)
  • Weeds from your lawn or garden
  • Old or outdated herbs & spices
  • Toothpicks
  • Paper baking cups
  • Cardboard egg cartons (cut into smaller pieces)
  • Peanut shells
  • Animal fur
  • Newspaper
  • “Dust bunnies” (God knows we have enough of those laying around our home)
  • Leaves
  • Hair from your hairbrush

No meat or dairy products. The smaller your pieces are, the faster they will break down. It will take 3 – 12 months to become black gold. The compost will be dark brown and spongy texture when ready.

Reasons you should compost: 

  • Reduces your trash and saves you moo-lah on trash services
  • It reduces landfill waste
  • Composting is simple (& fun when you have a cute composting bin sitting on your counter)
  • Builds rich soil

How to use your compost:

  • Put it on your vegetable garden
  • Sprinkle it on your houseplants
  • Spread it on your lawn to make it greener
  • Add in to your flower garden to make flowers more luscious and pest resistant

Buy your own beautiful mint compost caddy at Freckled Hen Farmhouse to sit on your counter and make composting fun!

I’m not super crunchy when it comes to my living but if it saves me money AND is good for the environment, I’m ALL IN!

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