Birthing Playlist

If you want a peaceful birth make sure you add these songs to your birthing playlist.

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

That is a question that I will strive never to ask my children as they are growing. Why? Because, our culture is obsessed with “what you do defines who you are”. We walk around thinking our title at work is where our social class lies. We didn’t get that promotion at work and now our…

My Favorite Baby Items That Weren’t On My Registry

I am kind of a freak when it comes to registering… I LOVED adding things to my registry, watching things get bought off my registry. It was the joy of my life! But, there were some items that I NEEDED that weren’t even on my registry.

Why We Will Always Keep Our Kids With Us In Service at Church

Teens leave the church in jaw-dropping numbers. Why is this? Children in the modern church are segregated, pushed aside and entertained.  The church doesn’t give kids a role in the church. They don’t give them a place in the church. They push them out, which is exactly the opposite of what Jesus did to the…

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

This is the no fuss way to hard boil your eggs. I actually went and fed my baby while these were boiling, that’s how much I didn’t have to fuss over them! Put the eggs (I normally do about a dozen at a time) in a pot of water. Make sure the eggs are covered…

Cloth Diaper 101

Cloth diapering is a little scary when you’re first starting out. I will try and help ease you in to the world of fluff!

Why We Decided To Homeschool

Visiting museums, more play time and graduating high school with a college degree are just a few of the reasons we decided to home school.